A way to join and fly in places of beauty

The key artistic question regarding the medium of interactive virtual worlds is what is characteristic and unique about it's expressive language. Most important is the volitional and interactive use of the camera available to the viewer. This willful navigation of the world in space, and in time (by multiple visits), makes possible the use of a non-linear experiential topology for the mapping of the development of the piece.

The new language of virtual experience

The implications for free navigation are also that these movements and views may instigate events which advance the evolution of the state of the world's appearance, sound, behavior and narrative. Instead of a linear sequence of movement and montage, the world can now be seen as a set of constraints and fields of force which influence the free movement and perception of the identity-camera. In addition, these constraints and fields influence the behavior of environments objects entities and characters, and also the development and unfolding of narrative. Two key aspects of the presence of navigational Will in a non-deterministic world are the ability to trigger events by 'proximity' to the location in space-time of the camera, and by the 'visibility' of aspects of the world relative to the camera... to learn more go -->